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HenHouse Studios

Designed And Built From The Ground Up ...

In response to the evolving landscape of the music industry, both here in the UK and worldwide, I felt there was a need for a live room designed and built from the ground up solely for drums. Henhouse Studios is just that: a purpose-built drum tracking studio, specifically engineered to achieve the best possible sound for live drum kit recording. 

It can be challenging to capture drum recordings due to both time and budgetary constraints, but Henhouse Studios provides producers and artists with the freedom and flexibility to incorporate live drums into their tracks… something that could only be achieved by programmed or looped alternatives in the past. 

Live Room

Meticulously Designed and Engineered

The live room within Henhouse Studios is a controlled environment that is perfect for recording live drums, and at over 90m2 has been meticulously designed and engineered with this sole focus. It features a double-story high-vaulted ceiling that has been acoustically treated to authentically capture the full sound and resonance of a live drum kit but in a perfectly controlled environment. The additional option to bring close panels and screens (GIK ACOUSTICS) around the kit gives the perfect variation of a close mic’d, dry kit also, but vstill having the room mics to blend to taste.

The addition of strategically placed room microphones pick up every nuance in the kit, effectively conveying the energy, passion and emotion that brings my drum kit to life on your track.

Tools to Get

The Job Done


Huge choice of Cymbals, Snares and Setups.

Studio & Outboard

Selection of Pro DAW's & Premium Plugins


Wide array of Microphones and stands.


DW Collectors Marine Pearl White

  • Kick 22″
  • Rack Toms 8” 10” 12”
  • Floor Toms 14” 16”
  • All set up variations available

DW Collectors Gun Metal Sparkle

  • Kick 20″
  • Rack Toms 8” 10” 12”
  • Floor Toms 14” 16”
  • All set up variations available

DW Collectors Twisted Red Lava

  • Kick 24″
  • Rack Toms 10” 12”
  • Floor Toms 14” 16”
  • All set up variations available

Roland TD-50KVX including:

  • Roland TM-6 PRO Trigger Module 
  • Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Wide range of modern and vintage snares including:

  • Ludwig 1971 402 14×6.5 
  • Ludwig 1973 40l 14×5.5 
  • Ludwig 1976 Supraphonic 14×6.5 
  • Mapex Hand Hammered Brass 14×6.5 
  • Slingerland Radio King
  • Mapex Birdseye Maple 14×5.5 
  • DW Collectors Maple 14×5.5 
  • DW collectors Carbon Fibre 14×5.5 
  • Piccolo Collections x 3


100+ different cymbals ranging in size, thickness, tonal quality, resonance and age.

Studio & Outboard

My platform of choice is currently OSX, with all software running on high end Apple Mac Studio’s. I have a wealth of high end audio plug-ins available and utilise Universal Audio sound cards as well as choice vintage outboard pre amps.

  • Pro Tools (latest version) 
  • Logic Pro (latest version) 
  • Universal Audio – 3x X8P & Apollo Twin  
  • Universal Audio Ultimate collection 
  • Neve, API, SSL, UA pre amps & EQ’s + Avalon 737SP Tube preamp. 
  • Adam A7XX Monitors 


I have a variety of high end microphones including:

  • Neumann U87 
  • Neumann TLM 103 
  • Coles 4038 Pair 
  • AKG C414 xII Pair 
  • Audix SCX25A Pair 
  • Audix ADX 51 Pair 
  • Electro Voice 635a
  • Telefunken – M82 dynamic 
  • SE Electronics Gemini MK ii  
  • Sure SM 91 
  • Sennheiser MD421 x 5 
  • Sure SM 57 x 4
Audix mic with Ride Cymbal
Audix D2 micing up snare

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