Why use Henry Rogers for your next Project?

There are many reasons you should choose a remote session player. I believe I have the experience, ability and facilities to offer the outstanding results you expect for your music.

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Designed and built from the ground up for Drums

Situated in the heart of Cheshire, close to the M6, HenHouse Studios is my own personal studio. I played a big part in the design of the Live room, engineering everything around achieving the best possible sound for live drum kit recording.

Live Room

A controlled environment perfect for recording.

My Studio is 119m² in total and has been designed and engineered all the way through the project with the vision of recording live drums. My live room is quite unlike many others, It is 90m² and has a double story high vaulted ceiling, completely acoustically treated to capture the real feel of a live drum kit, in a controlled environment perfect for recording. I have perfectly situated room mics to capture the effort and passion that has gone into this room and they truly bring the kit to life on their own - and on your track.


Whatever the sound you’re looking for, I can create it with you

If its close mic kit sound you’re after, I also have this covered with the use of panels to bring the proximity of the kit space right down. I have a huge variety of DW and vintage drum kits, SABIAN cymbals from thin thin to heavy, dark to bright as well as a variety of REMO heads from coated to pinstripe. Whatever the sound you’re looking for, I can create it with you. Along side my drum equipment I have a range of percussion, a ROLAND TD-50KV (for any midi needs), piano, guitar and bass amps, mics and an acoustic guitar. So if you want to come along to the session and work a few things out with me, there isn’t much you need to bring.

Midi Capable

The cutting edge of modern triggering & sample techniques

I also endorse and have the latest Roland V-Drums (TD-50K) to perform my midi drum sessions, enabling me to return tracks as simple midi files or, alternatively, as multi-track/stereo audio files using Addictive Drums/Superior Drummer. Using the TD-50 module and triggers I can also simultaneously record live kit audio, midi and triggers from the same capture. So you will have multiple choice of what you want to use when designing the sound of the drums.

The Benefits

Of Utilising HenHouse

Saving on Costs

it’s much cheaper to pay for only my time, as opposed to renting a studio, paying an engineer, plus paying for the drummer.

Quick and Easy

trying to co-ordinate a studio, an engineer, and a drummer, plus finding time in your own schedule can be difficult.

Audibly Better

My wide variety of available equipment ensures that the sound possibilities are endless for whatever your project or songs require.

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